Moneyline in sports betting

What is moneyline in sports betting?

All sports betting involves Moneyline bets which are the most straightforward and simplest wagers. Sports bets can have 2 or 3 possible outcomes. Bettors choose the winner of a Moneyline to bet when there are two players or teams listed.

What are Moneyline bets?

  • Team/player A and B are the two options available when you place a Moneyline bet.
  • To place a bet, simply pick the player or team that you believe will win.
  • You need to understand one more thing about placing a Moneyline wager, even though it is very simple.
  • A sportsbook will often present Moneyline bets with a positive and a negative 3-digit number.
  • Moneyline odds are represented by these numbers.
  • An underdog is usually the team preceded by a plus sign (+) when it comes to games where the number preceded by a minus sign (-) is used.

How to understand line movements and Moneyline odds

line movements and moneyline odds

The public gets to weigh in on the odds released by sportsbooks for upcoming games. If money begins to flow in one direction, sportsbooks can adjust their odds accordingly. In addition, it can be a response to bets placed by professional bettors, often referred to as “sharps.”

By doing this, the action is leveled out. In the unlikely event that the public turns out to be wrong about an event, a sportsbook could suffer a major loss. The sportsbook industry avoids such situations by moving the lines. The book will increase the attractiveness of the side that does not get as many bets while reducing the attractiveness of the opposite side.

In a Moneyline bet, there are three possible outcomes

  1. Winning. Whenever the correct winner or team is correctly predicted – or a draw is directly offered as an outcome possibility – the bettor wins. Soccer/European football matches and boxing/MMA matches generally offer the draw as an option.
  2. Loss. A bettor will lose his or her wager if they fail to pick the winner of the wager. Those who do not pick ‘draw’ in an outcome-based game or fight will lose their bets as well.
  3. “Draw No Bet” or “Draw”. If a draw cannot be declared as an outcome of a Moneyline wager, it is termed a “Draw No Bet.”. Moneyline wagers are usually made in soccer or European football because either team can win.

As with straight bets, bettors win their stake if the match ends in a draw. However, in Moneyline bets, a draw is only an option that wins the wager if the result is a tie. If the result is not a tie, bettors lose money on the wager. You will have a different outcome if you bet on a risk-free promotion.